About Us

Turning dreams into reality Since 2011

Our team in STUDIO Y comprises experts in 3D design and technology.

We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality products, innovative solutions and services.

We offer 3D and 360 rendering services for architects, real estate developers, interior designers, and creative professionals.

We have 13 years of experience and have collaborated with over 600 companies

Studio Y specializes in the production of high-end imaging products and development of marketing software for real estate companies, online App  visualizations, virtual tours, 3D Animation and a complete strategy for a real estate project.

In addition, we have developed the Olyo online system for comprehensive project marketing: a smart and fast dedicated application that combines the next generation of marketing and sales techniques in the field of real estate.

The studio boasts over a decade of experience in marketing projects across the globe.

The company's professional team comprises top-tier 3D artists, skilled programmers, production experts, talented content writers, creative directors, and highly experienced video editors and photographers.

Since 2011 we have accompanied over 600 leading entrepreneurs and architects, illustrated and animated their amazing projects and architecture!

Among our clients

What sets us apart?

Efficiency Redefined: All Products, One Professional Platform

Quality. Options. And uniqueness. Our solutions offer a marketing experience that prioritizes meticulous attention to detail, high quality and a wide range of options.

Understanding the field: Over a decade of experience

Speed, service, and comprehension are our entire team’s passions, allowing us to work quickly and accurately. Our close attention and architectural understanding turn any project into a design innovation.

Packaging all types of projects

Every project, whether boutique or residential, receives thorough, precise, and expert responses tailored to their needs, ensuring satisfaction and professionalism across the board.

The team that creates the perfect results

Kobi Edri

Tomer Edri

Tomer Hajaj

Yamit Edri



Ben Ram David

Bar Stefansky

Ophir Ariea


Locations and branches

Main Offices
Yigal Alon 114, Tel Aviv, Israel

T: +972 3 632 6616
M: +972 50 4611161
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]

Asia Branch

North America Branch

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We at Y Studio want to give you all the right options for marketing your projects. You are invited to choose the most convenient way in which we can present you the enormous benefits of the platform.

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