Online real estate marketing platform

An online platform dedicated to the highest-level marketing of a real estate project.
Olyo streamlines and expedites the marketing, illustration, and sale of the project, making the process more efficient and faster.
it incorporates an interactive map with real-time location data and environmental context, providing diverse presentation options for apartments.

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All the Tools for streamlined real estate project management.

At a time when the real estate market is at its peak, there is no time - to waste time!

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An interface that allows you to market the entire project in one place

We have developed a sophisticated online application that serves marketing and visualization purposes for a real estate project
By showcasing the project's advantages, offering a 360-degree view, including access to the apartments, explaining the smart apartment system, presenting an interactive sales plan, and more...
All of this is integrated into a strategic step-by-step sales process, providing a comprehensive illustration of both the exterior and interior aspects of the project.

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Interactive sales program
Virtual tours
Interactive map
Apartment search mechanism
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A site for a project that includes everything...

The Olyo platform enhances the efficiency and security of the sales process.

Unique design

The website design is meticulously crafted by a team of UX and UI experts, aimed at ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience for both customers and sales professionals.

Analytics and pixels

In contemporary marketing strategies, it is imperative to gather insights on customer interactions with the website and harness this data for informed and strategic marketing endeavors.

Integration to CRM

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM or email system to effortlessly and expeditiously acquire leads across the platform of your choice.

Speed and cyber

The application is constructed using a highly efficient and advanced programming language, ensuring unparalleled security and rapid performance on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Legal contents

The website includes a comprehensive legal agreement, outlining the intended purpose of all simulations for illustrative purposes, the terms of site usage, and a detailed set of rules and regulations.


prioritizing accessibility is of paramount importance when presenting your project to the broader public. Doing so not only fosters inclusivity but also serves as a safeguard against unwarranted legal actions.

Schedule a remote demo session

To explore a comprehensive solution for your real estate project.

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Duration around 15 min.

Some of the projects marketed through Olyo



A residential project combining luxury villas and apartments in the Tzofim settlement

Aqua Resort

Aqua Resort, Eilat 

Complex of boutique villas in the Shahmon 2 neighborhood in Eilat.


&Eeast is a project of two towers on the renewed Made in Israel street, which combines offices, offices and luxury residences. 


Hasadna, Holon 

A project of logistic units that can be used for industry, storage, trade and logistics. 


Kaima, Tiberias

is a prestigious residential project in the Mosheva Tiberias neighborhood.

Pisgat Hasmoneans

Pisgat Hasmoneans 

Pisgat Hasmonaim is an expensive residential project adjacent to the settlement of Hasmonaim.

The Park Quartet

The Park Quartet 

Boutique residential buildings project in the Park neighborhood of Beer Sheva.

Shaarei Acre Business Center

Shaarei Acre Business Center

A combined commercial and office project of three boutique buildings.



Avisror on Park Ave

Avisror on Park Ave 

A luxury residential project characterized by exceptional architecture,

Between Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv. 


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